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357 Magnum Gun Hair Dryer

$425.00 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

How awesome is this? The Magnum 357 Hair dryer is a great blast from the past and is in like new condition, was used as a display piece only. It even still has the original adhesive covers on the back!

The “chrome” is shiny and bright, triggers squeaky clean and smooth, this dryer looks amazing! Due to the dryers age though, some of the glue used on this dryer has yellowed a bit, only noticeable upon close inspection. Comes in its original bag, but no box.This retro 357 Magnum dryer was made in 1981.

The settings are powerful, not wimpy like you might think. Definitely the coolest hair dryer I have ever seen.

Pull the trigger to select your settings for drying: choose from Style, Dry or Quick Dry. When you are done, the Magnum can be hung from the attached silver ring at the bottom or ideally, put into it’s matching holster. Holster secures to the wall with common household screws.

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