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360 Degree Drill Attachment

$23.99 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

The Milescraft Orbiter 360 Degree Drill Attachment has a unique design which allows you to reach tough spots, giving your drill access to previously unreachable areas in your home, garage, or any other tight space or corner. Using a split-body construction, both halves of the body and the handle are all able to rotate independently 360 degrees; the beveled gear assembly allows an infinite number of drill angles for maximum versatility. Able to fit on any 3/8-inch or larger drill, this attachment includes a keyless chuck for fast, easy bit changes. The handle has a soft-grip design for comfort while working as well as providing a security lock for the body.

  • Patented design positions bit at any angle from the drill chuck for getting into tight spaces or around corners and objects
  • Comfortable handle grip twists to lock or unlock the gears at desired angle
  • Keyless 3/8 inch chuck allows quick bit changes
  • 3/8 inch input shaft fits most power drills
  • Handle can be positioned before locking for comfort or power during use
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