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August Smart Lock

$199.00 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

The August Smart Lock is the secure, simple, and social way to manage your home’s lock. Now you can control who can enter and who can’t—without the need for keys or codes. And you can do it all from your smartphone or computer.

  • Keyless

    August’s encrypted locking technology is safer than keys that can get lost and codes that can be copied.

  • Total Control

    You control when people have access to your home. For example you can issue a key that works 24/7 for a family member, or one that works a couple of hours a week only for your cleaning person.

  • Log Records

    You can see a Log of who’s entered and exited—and exactly when they did—remotely from your phone or computer.

  • Always On

    It doesn’t matter if your power, cable or Wi-Fi goes down. August has standard batteries that keep it running in any circumstance. When the batteries get low, it will even send you reminders.


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