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Borrow My Pen? Pen Set

$8.90 Buy It, Yo

Bring your tired, pen-less masses! Tired of loaning out pens and never seeing them again? Yeah. Well, consider your problems solved with the 'Borrow My Pen?' Pen Set. Each pen comes uniquely (to say the least) inscribed business catch phrase sure to get your pens safely returned to your desk drawer.

Product Information

“Tired of people stealing your pens? Well, next time someone asks you to borrow a pen, slip ’em one of these! Each pen has some ridiculous fake company name and tagline printed on them, such as “Springfield Sexual Addiction Center – From PERV to PERFECT in as little as 10 days…”, or “Verdant Fields Nudist Camp – Get in touch with your OUTER self!” A good way to get your co-workers to stop bothering you! You’ll get 8 different silly pens per package.”

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