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Branch & Twig Colored Pencils

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Product Information

These adorable rustic colored pencils are made from real tree branches, so each one is unique. Great for journal writing or sketching, but also great just to display. Also makes a great eco-friendly gift, wedding favor or for outdoor-related groups/activities, such as Boyscouts or Girlscouts, or for your artist friends. The graphite is inserted into the tip of the twig (the length of the graphite varies). Available in graphite or colors, and in 3 different sizes: 3.5″, 5″ and 7″. Handcrafted in Thailand.

Note: These twig pencils are not meant to be used seriously like regular pencils. They are for party favors, outdoor activities, special events. Regular pencils have graphite going all the through the entire pencils and can be sharpened very easily. These twig pencils are made from branches, so graphite cannot be inserted all the way through. In addition, the twig tends to warp so the graphite will break making it unnecessary to be inserted through the entire length of the pencil. Have fun with this unique pencil!

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