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Bringrr Classic Phone Reminder

$34.95 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

Never Forget Your Phone Again!

Tired of frantically digging through your handbag or frisking your pockets to be sure you have your phone before driving off? We are too! Plug Bringrr into your car’s powerport, pair it with your Bluetooth enabled phone and never forget your phone again!

How It Works

Just plug Bringrr into your car’s power port and pair it with your Bluetooth enabled phone. If you start your car and your phone isn’t with you, Bringrr’s alarm goes off and the light charges from blue to red, reminding you to get your phone. Just don’t forget…its that simple.

You Can’t Get Far Without Your Phone

That’s truer than ever these days. With GPS, photos texts, apps and the Web, not to mention phone calls and voicemail, your phone is an essential adjunct to daily life.

With Bringrr, you’ll never have to frantically go digging through your handbag or frisking pockets when you get in the car to see if you have your phone or not.

Bringrr gives you peace of mind. Now there’s one less thing to worry about because you know you can’t get far without your phone. Literally.

Bringrr Charge

Bringrr Charge comes in two models, one for the iPhone and one for phones that charge with the micro or mini usb charging cables (ie Blackberry, Motorola and most new smart phones). Phones with other plugs can be used with Bringrr Charge by plugging their usb charger cables into the USB port built in the Bringrr Charge.

The Bringrr tracking concept is based on fundamental patents filed in 2000 and 2003

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