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CarCapsule Inflating Car Storage

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Product Information

The CarCapsule and BikeCapsule are EASY as 1, 2, 3 to use! You won’t believe it! And that’s just an added bonus when you see how well your vehicle or motorcycle are locked away from evil elements like corrosion, rust, dust, dirt, dings and even finger prints. The indoor capsule is a clear vinyl bubble that completely seals and protects your vehicle or motorcycle from the elements that we all fear. It will leave you with the assurance that your investment is well protected. The indoor vinyl “bubble” is a 10 mil. anti-static, double-polished, radio frequency welded, 100 per cent PVC dream come true. It’s so strong that you could accidentally drop a 5 pound hammer on it and it will bounce right off! The zipper is heavy duty 100 per cent nylon and will not scratch your vehicle. The base material is 18 ounce Herculite and is impervious to oil, gas and antifreeze. It is also abrasion-resistant, mildew resistant and will not support a flame. There are so many remarkable things about the CarCapsule and BikeCapsule that we can safely say that there is nothing like it on the market. At the heart of the CarCapsule and BikeCapsule is a 12-volt, high-pressure fan. It provides continuous airflow to keep your vehicle or motorcycle dry. Temperature inside the bubble remains constant and consistent with outside air. The evaporative storage system keep your vehicle or motorcycle dry because the air changes inside the bubble 3 to 4 times every hour. This prevents any moisture from condensing on your vehicle or motorcycle.

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