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Clicker Bottle Opening Remote

$24.99 Buy It, Yo

- Universal Remote Control. - Bottle Opener. - Can be used with TV, DVD, Cable, Satellite, VCR and more. - Sleek Design. - Easy to use!

Product Information

Clicker Bottle-Opening Universal Remote. Open a brew, enjoy a game. No more leaving the couch to get a brew, then get a bottle opener. Now, with the Clicker, you can operate all your video gear and open bottles, too. One remote controls your TV, DVD, Cable, Satellite and more! Programmed with over 800 factory pre-sets, so it works with all major cable and satellite dish boxes. And it automatically learns codes from your existing remotes. Built-in bottle opener makes any game day complete! It opens brown, green and clear bottles. Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included). Stay in your seat and never miss a second of action in the big game. Order your Clicker Bottle-Opening Universal Remote from Brookstone today!

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