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Cool Jazz Ice Stirrers

$9.95 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

Amazon.com Product Description

From Fred, the renowned novelty shop that produces super fun kitchen gadgets and gizmos, the guitar-inspired ice cube maker offers loads of fun and laughs. Made from pure food-grade silicone, the ice maker features stir sticks resembling the arm of a guitar. Once frozen, the stir sticks complete the look and give users a way to stir beverages and cocktails. Jazz up your next party with a set of these ice cubes and be sure to pick up a set as a gift for your next gift-giving occasion.

Product Description

It’s time to kick back and chill and here’s a cool way to do it! Drop one of these groovy guitars into your drink, and give it a stir. Just the thing for jazzing up your favorite beverage.
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