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Doodle Track Race Car

$14.99 Buy It, Yo

- For Ages 4 and Up - Race car follows a racetrack that you draw! - Optical sensors in the car guide it along any black line - Open-ended toy encourages imagination and creativity - Keeps kids and adults engaged for hours - Kit includes car, marker, and printed demo sheet - Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

Product Information

Back in the day, hardly any toys we had were fancy and semi-intelligent. Unless you count that creepy talking bear. We have fond memories of a wooden toy box full of wooden toys, including the components to make our own racetracks for our tiny cars. But there was a problem. We were always disappointed by the click-together race car tracks. Ovals just aren’t inspiring, you know? And let’s face it, toy designers didn’t give you much to work with when it came to those “design your own track” kits. There were never enough crazy hairpin turns or loop-dee-loops! Ever try to make your name out of racecar track? Pretty impossible.

With the Doodle Track, your geekling will not have to suffer with uninspired tracks like you did. All you need is a black marker and the sky is the limit! Draw the track and the race car will follow automagically. With two Doodle-Track Cars, your kiddos can draw tracks for each other or even have races. The Doodle-Track Car is more than just a race set. It’s a craft activity that encourages children to be creative!

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