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Drivemocion Car Sign

$42.50 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

How many times have you accidentally cut someone up and waved your hand apologetically between the seats? The Drivemocion is a fantastically novel way to show your true feelings whilst in the car! With a handy remote control that sticks to your windscreen, you can choose LED Smileys with a wink or a grin, or the phrases ‘THANKS,’ ‘BACK OFF’ or ‘SORRY.’ This non-verbal communication is a great way to give your middle finger and furrowed brow a rest. With the press of a button, you can let an LED face do all the work for you! Drivemocion Car Signs make great gifts for car owners and are legal on British roads! Apologise, smile, wink at a cutie or tell that BMW to BACK OFF with our Drivemocion LED Car Sign!

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