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EZ Snow Remover Shovel

$150.00 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

Effortlessly clear your home’s snow three times faster than shoveling with this very original snow removal tool. It uses leverage instead of your back and has been proven by the University of Massachusetts to be one of the safest and fastest shoveling ideas of the decade. The handle is height-adjustable.

The EZ Remover is primarily meant for snow clearance, but it can also be used for leaf, grass and debris removal. Ideal if seeking very useful and innovative gifts.

– No sales tax           (only Florida residents must pay sales tax)
– $25 shipping

– 5 to 7 day shipping
– International shipping is available for these innovative gifts

– Made of weatherproof polypropylene

– Length      ( 18″)  Shovel    ( 72″)  Whole unit
– Width       ( 24″)  Shovel
– Diameter  ( 36″)  Wheel

– 1 year warranty
– 30 day return period   ( 25% restocking fee)

– Slight assembly required

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