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Flavored Water Maker

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Product Information

The Aqua Zinger Flavored Water Maker offers a fun and natural way to enjoy your water. Quench your thirst with refreshing, natural flavors.  This nifty device infuses water with the juice and essence of fresh fruits.

  • Double wall stainless steel keeps your drink and ingredients insulated.  Finger hole provided for easy carrying.  Wide mouth top allows for easy filling and ice cubes, if needed.
  • Cushioned base through a soft rubber base pad to prevent slippage.  Hhealth-safe materials – BPA/EA-free Tritan Plastic from Eastman and 18/8 stainless steel.  Extra deep ingredient cup allows for maximized flavor, and it’s easy to clean .
  • Reusable.  Hot and cold liquid safe.  Carbonated water friendly.  Keep children away from the Aqua Zinger without the help of parental supervision.
  • The recommended Aqua infusion shelf life is three days for all beverages, if refrigerated. If you plan to consume your Zing creation with a 12-hour period, no chilling is required.
  • Aqua Zings typically produce one-two drinks per Zing. In order to return to a tasty concentration, we recommend adding new ingredients after two servings have been enjoyed (or 40 ounces).
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