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Flower Fried Eggs

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Product Information

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Streamlined star and scalloped flower shapes make excellent ring patterns for griddle foods such as hamburgers, pancakes, and fried eggs because they are closest to the normal shapes of these foods and fit tidily on a spatula. The Norpro Rings are truly nonstick, especially when primed with cooking oil and used on a seasoned frying surface. Sturdy wood handles protect fingers and steady the rings in the pan, though you might need an extra set of hands to hold them as you pour batter or crack eggs. These rings work best with thicker batters–egg whites tend to run through, though the resulting fried eggs still maintain basic star and flower shapes. Wash thoroughly after each use. These rings also make nifty dough cutters. –Carol Gnojewski

Product Description

Not only can you make star and flower shaped pancakes and eggs, but use on hamburger, bread and as cookie cutters. Nonstick makes it easy to clean
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