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Laser Guided Pizza Cutter

You know what this world needs? Laser-guided pizza delivery. When you order, the pizza place takes aim with their...

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Trongs are multi-purpose utensils designed to stand like tri-pods, so they are easy to pick up and put back down....

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Sunnyside Egg Mold

Sunnyside is the cutest way to eat an egg! Pop the egg white into the cloud area and the yolk into the sun and...

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Cheese Spaghetti Measurer

Mama mia!! This cheese spaghetti measurer is one of those items you can’t believe you ever lived without....

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Camping Pot Thermoelectric Generator

The PowerPot is a lightweight camping pot thermoelectric generator that converts heat into DC electrical power....

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Test Tube Spice Rack

This chrome wire rack holds ten of your favorite spices and herbs close at hand either on the counter or mounted...

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Herb Chopper and Cutting Board Combo

Joseph Joseph is ever conscious of the space restrictions imposed by modern urban living. They are the masters of...

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Angry Chef Paper Towel Holder

“Where’s the f***ing risotto?” Got a Gordon Ramsay in your life?  This is the perfect gift...

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Ouch Cutting Board

Fred and Friends Ouch Cutting Board, the voodoo cutting board that comes complete with a backstabbing knife. Need...

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Safe Kitchen Timer

Keep your kitchen safe with the Safe Kitchen Timer. Magnetic timer looks like a safe lock. Timer goes up to 60...

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Meow For Measuring Cups

Love cats? Love cooking? Meow for Measuring Cups then!  These cat themed measuring cups will complement all the...

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Juvo Grip Claw

Grip like a bear. This innovative Juvo Grip Claw gripping aid will open your life to the simplicity you deserve....

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Silpoura Clip On Spout

With this handy gadget, you can pour it on thick. The original patented clip-on spout Silpoura, helps you drain...

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Miracle Cube Timer

No more buttons, switches or dials – the Miracle Cube Timer allows you to manage your time with simplicity...

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Joseph Joseph Twist Wisk

The innovative Twist Wisk incorporates two essential whisks in one stylish design. As a flat whisk, Twist is ideal...

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Heart Waffles on a Stick

The Babycakes waffle maker makes baking and eating waffles tons of fun. Bake 4 individual heart shaped waffles in...

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Wine Cask Lazy Susan

Not your ordinary lazy susan…  You’ll be sure to set the mood and impress friends and family with Old...

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Retro Hot Dog Toaster

The Nostalgia Electrics Hot Dog Toaster is a fast, fun and convenient way to enjoy hot dogs. This unit holds up to...

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KitchenAid Pro Line Toaster

At this price, you gotta REALLY love your toast.  I mean REALLY!  KitchenAid made the toaster cool again, and...

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Adjustable Rolling Pin

Joseph Joseph is ever conscious of the space restrictions imposed by modern urban living. They are the masters of...

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Digital Measuring Cup Scale

The first digital measuring cup and scale combination. The unit measures in weight and volume as the recipe...

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Boska Holland Toastabags

Boska Holland launched the Toastabag in the Netherlands at the beginning of 2010. These fast, no mess bags are the...

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Egg Cuber Cubes Your Eggs

Can’t fill the corners of your egg sandwich?? Boiled eggs keep rolling around your plate?? Solve all your...

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Blood Bath Butcher’s Apron

The next time you’ve got ribs or burgers on the grill, you need to be wearing your Blood Bath...

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Shell Digital Kitchen Scale

The Shell Scale, by Joseph Joseph, is a sleek digital scale that’s compact, practical and versatile. Lift...

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Facebook Like Oven Mitt

Do you like cooking? I mean, do you really like cooking? Now you show it… socially… with this...

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Ham Dogger – Hot Dog Hamburger

I’ll have a hot dog… no wait, a hamburger! Agh, I can’t decided!!   Fear no more…...

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Grilled Pizza Cones – Set of 2

You love Pizza. You Love Cones. Pizza in a cone? Yes indeed. Pizza cones are the newest way to prepare fun,...

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Armadillo Bread Box

Armadillo Breadbin Best-seller! Code: W2000 “The extraordinary Armadillo bread bin in brushed...

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Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Now you can turn your kitchen into an old-fashioned ice cream parlor with unique and delicious ice cream...

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Picnic Table Condiment Set

Always forgetting your condiments at the family picnics? Don’t worry about it…we’ve got both...

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Joseph Joseph Grip-Tray

Don’t spill that drink! The Joseph Joseph Grip-Tray Serving Tray makes it ever so easy to take drinks from...

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Party Pooch Jello Balloon Mold

Every children’s party should contain more jelly than you can shake a stick at and some genius who can make...

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Lid Sid Pot Steam Vent Pack

Letting off steam! This little guy sacrificed himself for the greater good of the saucepan. Lid Sid will keep the...

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One Click Butter Cutter

Tired of fuddling with the butter knife? We present you the … butter cutter. It stores your butter (or...

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Bacon Gift Wrap

Bacon lovers, we’ve found your official wrapping paper. Want to make an awesome present (that you found on...

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Rabbit and Bear Egg Mold

Amazon.com Product Description The most important meal of the day can also be the most fun. Kids will love to get...

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Arta Tasto Serving Salsa Bowl

Blending form and function, the tasto serving bowls include innovative accessories. This small serving bowl (as...

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Lip Service Mustache Picks

I mustache you to take an appetizer… ok not really. Fred and Friends Lip Service mustache picks. 18 assorted...

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Bloom Flower Utensil Set

These lovely floral inspired utensils will double as a bouquet for your kitchen table! They are sure to brighten...

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