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Laser Guided Pizza Cutter

You know what this world needs? Laser-guided pizza delivery. When you order, the pizza place takes aim with their...

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Chopstick Drumsticks

Fred & Friends Beat It are 4 sets of 2 wooden chopstick drumsticks. Each chopstick is printed with the words...

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Das Horn Drinking Vessel

Tired of drinking from pint glasses, flasks, or heaven forbid gold chalices? Try the DAS HORN drinking...

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Go F Yourself Lanyard

Look closely.  Little closer.  Keep looking. Not just a lanyard…but a Go F* Yourself lanyard.  Keys, ID,...

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Desktop Punching Ball

The Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball relieves frustration! Take your anger out on this red desktop punching...

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Furry Feet Slippers

Wake up in the morning and start off with a surprising adventure! Just plop these furry feet slippers on your feet...

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Bathroom Guest Book

Ordinary guest books too often lack humor and verve – so Knock Knock invented their own. This elegant yet...

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Money Soap

Delightfully scented bar of soap has a surprise in the center–cold cash! Once the money soap wears down, you...

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Cookie Stamp Set

Before you bake your patch of delicious cookies, send a message with the Suck Uk “Cookie Stamp Set“....

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More Crap Storage Boxes

With storage boxes as sturdy and attractive as these, there’s no need to actually BE organized. Just gather...

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Dog Quack Muzzle

Duck, Duck…Dog? Material: 100% environmentally friendly silica gel. Suitable dogs: Poodle, Dachshunds etc....

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Emergency Mustache Pack

Ever need to find a disguise at short notice? Maybe having recently broken out of jail, or bumped into an old...

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Hershey’s Chocolate Candle

Mostly Memories makes a great Hershey’s milk chocolate 4-1/2-ounce jar soy candle. Treat yourself to the...

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Indelicate Doilies Reusable Coasters

Call attention to your sense of humor while instilling proper etiquette in your guests with these sturdy and...

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Stopped Up Wine Bottle Stopper

Don’t let that wine go down the drain!!! Got an open bottle of wine? Use this old-school stopper and keep it...

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Air Mail Memo Pad

Launch your notes and memos with this clever Air Mail Memo Pad from DCI. Springboard action will launch crumpled...

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Back Scratcher Ruler

Comfort Rules – Back Scratcher Ruler…from inches to itches… No other back scratcher measures up...

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Toilet Plunger Magnets

More suction than any other magnet! (That’s so punny.)  These fun plunger magnets come in the shape of a...

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Red Cup Wine Glass

Time for wine? Indulge with this clever red cup for wine. (Yep, it’s a red cup on a stem-no wine snobs...

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Creative Cursing Profanity Generator

Ever been in a situation where you needed just the right profane expletive? Whether you’re annoyed with your...

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Beer Bottle Mustache

Step 1:  Buy Beer Bottle Mustache Step 2:  Add to Beer Bottle Step 3:  PROFIT!! Drink your beer with class!...

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Miniature Book of Miniature Golf

The perfect golfing gift: A book that is a complete, working 9-hole miniature golf course, with miniature golf...

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This Is Spinal Tape

From the Manufacturer This is spinal tape, packing tape. Give all your packages a spine with this spinal cord on a...

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Blue Q Savings Tin Bank

I’m savin’ up for (insert ridiculous goal here). With more than 20 choices to choose from, these Blue...

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Grenade Novelty Mug

Ever feel like you will just explode if you don’t get your morning cup of coffee? The Grenade Mug is a...

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Emergency Money Box

In case of spending emergency, break the glass!  Add coins at your own risk.  Only by smashing the glass can...

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Carbonite Ice Cube Tray

The Carbonite Ice Cube Tray – A Kotobukiya Japanese import. Kotobukiya brings you another fun and original...

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Presidential Seal Cufflinks

Who’s the president of the United States?  You are!  Or at least you can act like it.  These enamel...

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Tie-Cam Hidden Camera DVR

The Tie-Cam is actually an undetectable hidden camera and digital video recorder with 4GB of memory.  Whether...

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WTF?! Self Inking Stamp

WTF?! This is the ORIGINAL WTF?! version… accept no immitations! When you say WTF, say it with meaning!...

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Roadkill Plush Toy

Splodge was a regular hedgehog before he was a roadkill hedgehog.  And who wouldn’t want a roadkill plush...

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Shark Attack Coffee Mug

Drinking coffee used to be so safe. The only thing you really had to look out for was burning your lips. Alas, now...

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Beat It Hippie Doormat

All those deadbeat freeloading hippies showing up at your door now have an appropriate greeting waiting for them....

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Fuzz Crime Scene Scarf

For fans of CSI or LAW & ORDER, the Fuzz Crime Scene Scarf may be a very vibrant yellow but it goes with any...

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Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

Brushing your teeth with a strip of fried bacon is tricky. If it’s too crispy it will break apart as you...

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SPAM Bandage Strips

SPAM is not just about the unsolicited sending of bulk e-mail messages.  It’s also a meat – or a meat...

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Jumbo Wine Glass

The Big Betty Wine Glass holds an entire bottle of wine, discreetly, so you only need ONE glass…a jumbo wine...

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Butt/Face Soap Double Sided

Butt Face Soap – the original cheek-to-cheek cleansing! For those of you who worry about when and where your...

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You Suck At Parking Cards

You suck at parking. (Leave under wiper blade) Hey… You suck at parking Seriously. Business card size....

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Sex Panther Cologne Spray

Sex Panther Cologne. Offically Licensed Anchorman product. Yea you know you want it! That nasty animalistic scent...

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