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Gold Plated Atari – Gilt.com

$6,650 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

Via Gilt Groupe, when you buy this badboy, you get a 24-karat gold-plated Atari 2600 console. Want to know more?

  • One console, two joysticks and one game cartridge.
  • Limited edition piece, signed and numbered to order.
  • Second piece in the personal art series, Gold Mine Project, aimed to capture and immortalize the peak of the artist’s favorite childhood memories.

And for only $6,650 (plus $865 in shipping costs)this thing could be yours. And when the apocalypse comes—because if people are actually spending money on this, it inevitably will—you can melt down the gold and sell it because, don’t you know, gold’s pretty hot these days.

Also, did we mention it doesn’t work? It doesn’t work. You can’t play it. But don’t tell Jean-Ralphio—or whoever actually buys this—that. Just tell us if you know anyone who actually purchases this, especially if they work in tech. Please, more than anything else we want this Christmas, we want you to tell us who buys this.

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