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GPS Enabled Snow Goggles

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Product Information


Made by Zeal Optics, the Transcend is the world’s first GPS-enabled ski goggle, featuring a small LCD display mounted on the inside along with Recon HQ software that enables you to track, report, and display stats in real time. The default screen in the goggle shows your current speed (up to 92 miles per hour), a chronometer with start and stop capabilities, a clock so you never need to take your gloves off to check your watch, and a customizable space for an altimeter, thermostat, odometer, or vertical odometer. 

A small display in the lower right corner of the goggle frame shows stats about your ski run in real time.

Other screens allow you to review information about the last run you took, cumulative data from your different odometers, and your chronometer records. A preferences pane lets you to customize the dashboard, change units and the language, and set the date and time while wearing the goggle. 

With the USB port, you can plug the goggle into your computer and use the Recon HQ software to keep track of all the information your Transcend is collecting, as well as stay current with software updates. The software also contains a Google map overlay. The Transcend is designed for active snow use, and the entire electronics module is sealed for protection. (Note, however, that it is not fully waterproof and thus cannot be submerged in water.)

This SPPX version of the Transcend goggle features a polarized and photochromic lens that automatically adjusts from a dark rose tint to an amber tint when light conditions change. Like in other Zeal goggles, the lens is double-layered and features Zeal’s proprietary, permanent anti-fog treatment, designed to extend the life of the lens.

The Transcend is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery pack that can last up to eight hours at room temperature and up to six hours at 14 degrees F. The battery pack has a lifespan of between 300 and 500 complete cycles–which, for most people, amounts to years of GPS-enabled skiing.

The Transcend is helmet-compatible and sports a good strap connection to keep it from floating on the helmet. Also included are a protective hard case and a micro-USB charger. The goggle weighs 256 grams and is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

About Zeal Optics
As designers, athletes, and entrepreneurs, the people at Zeal Optics are dedicated to creating a high-quality, innovative product that is superior in design and performance. The company’s patented, exclusive frame designs and ZB-13 Polarized lens provide maximum versatility in all conditions. Zeal Optics’s collections feature styles to fit all kinds of shapes and sizes of faces, for both women and men.

What’s in the Box?
Goggle, Recon HQ software, protective hard case, and micro-USB charger


Product Description

222271MPH0000 Features: All the on-mountain data you need; displays GPS coordinates, speed, altitude, vertical odometer, temperature, and time plus includes a stopwatch and chronos mode Control the head mounted display and select from the intuitive mode selection menu via 3 waterproof buttons Polarized anti-fog lens cuts glare and keeps you seeing clearly Helmet compatible design Choose the SPPX xtreme low light photochromatic + polarized lens (13 to 43% light transmission) or the SPX polarized no-fog lens Specifications:
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