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Grizzly Bear Griz Coat

$249.00 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

Griz Coat is the original grizzly bear jacket. From the Buffoonery Factory, LLC, the Griz Coat a fake fur but incredibly realistic bear fur jacket.  The hood is a complete bear head with eyes, teeth, and nose.  The jacket also has claws!

  • Faux fur: ultra soft, incredibly-realistic fabric
  • Bear-head hood: shockingly lightweight, with a comfortable foam interior; plus, it’s detachable, in case you need to wear it in a more formal setting
  • Eyes, teeth, claws and nose: striking resemblance to the real-deal
  • Reinforced over-stitching: double the strength, double the fun 
  • Lining-freeextensive market research revealed Grizangsters like it raw (i.e. they thought lining on the interior of the coat made it too stuffy to wear)
  • One size fits most: we’ve had people anywhere from 5’6″ to 6’3″ wear it comfortably
  • Born in California (that’s right, they’re made in the USA…shocking, we know)

Wear it proudly and remember: It’s not a costume. It’s a lifestyle.

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