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HAPIfork Bluetooth Smart Fork

$99.99 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

The HAPIfork Bluetooth Smart Fork is the world’s first smart fork that coaches you into healthier eating habits. It’s an electronic fork that lights up and vibrates when you are eating too fast. As it takes 15-20 minutes to feel satisfied, by simply slowing down your pace while eating, you will consume fewer calories. Pair with your smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth to see your eating stats in real time. Download the HAPIfork app for iOS or Android and connect it to your device via Bluetooth to check the following:

– How long it took to eat your meal

– The number of “fork servings” (each time food is brought to the mouth) per minute

– A timer to help you pace your fork servings

– Actual intervals between fork servings

– Your success rate and overspeed ratio

This data is then uploaded via USB to your Online Dashboard on HAPI.com to track your progress. Here, you can also follow an online coaching program to help improve your eating behavior. With the Online Dashboard at HAPI.com and HAPILABS mobile app, you can view and manage all the data from your devices, set your workout objectives, track your progress and score points in the HAPILABS challenge.

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