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WeMo Wifi Light Switch

From the Manufacturer Turn your home lighting on or off from anywhere using your Android smartphone, iPhone,...

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Beat It Hippie Doormat

All those deadbeat freeloading hippies showing up at your door now have an appropriate greeting waiting for them....

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Big Headed Squirrel Feeder

If you get a Big Head Squirrel Feeder, you’ll be able to feed and humiliate squirrels at the same time. Hang...

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Modern Bird Cafe Feeder

Invite wild birds to dine in style-and satisfy your taste for modern design-with this hip new spin on the...

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Don’t Rob Us Door Mat

Ever wanted to tell that guy about to rob you that the you sucked at keeping up with the Jones’s and they...

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LED Lighting Flat Ball

Amazing light design from soft to intensive levels, designed for indoor and outdoor, waterproof also for lighting...

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Oh Shit Not You Again Doormat

Funny/Rude Doormat that is guaranteed to make your visitors laugh. This mat also makes for a great gift for a...

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Bungee Bird Seed Feeder

Bungee Bird Seed Feeder This hilarious Bungee Bird feeder will swing and bounce as the birds peck off their tasty...

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ENTER Computer Key Mat

Press Enter These days it seems like technology is all around us, even at our doorstep. Made in China from...

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Nice Underwear Mat

Give your guests a good chuckle (and maybe even make them blush!) before they enter your house with this hilarious...

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Style Your Garage Prints

“A German company called “Style your Garage” has put an end to ugly and boring garage doors....

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Leaf-Gathering Bear Claw Scoops

Certain yard and garden chores call for the extra large gathering capacity of our Bear Claw Scoops. A super...

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Dog Peek Fence Peep Hole

The Dog Peek is an acrylic dome that lets your pet see what is happening outside. Dogs are very curious and...

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James the Door Stop

James is the perfect gentleman and will hold the door open for you by wedging his foot under it. He will bring a...

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Big Brother Bird House

Give your garden that fly-on-the-wall feel – and maybe even attract some new housemates – with the Big...

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Fred Delete Flyswatter – Ivory

DELETE™ there’s no esc for flies! This handy flyswatter works on windows or Macs…just think of it as a...

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Flower Grenade Seed Pod

Fancy becoming a green guerrilla? It’s easy with a few Flower Grenades. Designed to introduce vegetation to...

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EZ Snow Remover Shovel

Effortlessly clear your home’s snow three times faster than shoveling with this very original snow removal...

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Come In Go Away Mat

This mind boggling doormat reads differently depending whether you are walking in or out of the house. It’s...

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