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How To

This site is pretty easy to navigate, but we’re here to assist you through your journey around the neatshtuff.com website nonetheless. Hey, it’s the least we can do, right?


Featured Slider.

You’ll notice the “hanging photos” constantly rotating along the top of the website. These are the top 6 items we want to feature each day. Keep a look out, these product will regularly change with newer and better shtuff.


Neatest Shtuff.

An extension of the Featured Slider, the 8 items posted under “Neatest Shtuff” are things we thing are pretty darn cool. You’ll see some of the featured images in this lineup as well. We chose it to be that way… to stress just how awesome this shtuff is!


The Shtuff Below That.

Ok, so we ran out of fancy names, but you’ll find the meat and potatoes of neatshtuff.com as you scroll down the page. An assortment of anything we find online we deem worth sharing with our friends (yeah, that’s you guys).


More Info.

To find out more about a product you see on this site, click the ‘More Info’ button below the product. This will pull up a page with the 4 P’s: 1) Product information 2) Product Picture 3) Price and 4) Purchasing options. (See what we did there?) You can also share the products via Facebook, Twitter, and Email. *hint*


Purchasing the Product.

Want to buy something you see? This is simple. On the Product Page, click the cart “Buy It, Yo” button. This will link you to the site where you can purchase the item. While we don’t product, store, or ship these items, the sellers do take care of that. Feel free to ask them questions, purchase from them, and receive awesomeness in the mail. If you ever do have an issue with a purchase, please let us know and we’ll remove that item from our site. Unfortunately, that’s about all we can do, so be careful when making online purchases.

Please Note… any products found on NeatShtuff.com are not our products. They are products we find interesting, funny, cool, etc. This means that we cannot control the quality, customer service, price fluctuations, etc. of products found / purchased through this website. We attempt to present the products as accurately as possible, but this does not mean that the products will be exactly as displayed. Please contact the seller for product details and pricing. 

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