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iPhone 4 SLR Mount

$549.00 Buy It, Yo

SLR Mount for the iPhone 4. Also includes Turtelback's Telephoto & Wide lenses. Use your Nikon & Canon lenses with your iPhone using this rugged high quality mount. This is a special package only available through MEA Mobile. Includes: -TurtleJacket (3 Holes Version) -DOF adapter for Canon & Nikon Lens -Telephoto Lens -Wide Angel Lens -37mm UV filter TurtleJacket TJ-01 Aluminum enclosure enables you to mount your iPhone 4 to any camera tripod with a 1/4" 20 TPI. Use the TurtleJacket to attach Turtle Lenses or your own Canon/Nikon lenses with the DOF adapter. DOF adapter You can use both Canon lens and Nikon lens. This is shipped with the Nikon focusing screen installed. Canon users must install a Canon focusing screen which is included. Kit also includes the Nikon mount adapter installed. Wide Lens: TB-01201 W0.45 X 37mm High Definition Professional Wide lens Telephoto Lens: TB-01225 T2.0X37mm High Definition Professional Telephoto lens Perfect for use with iSupr8, the most advanced mobile Super 8mm video filter in the world. Create instant video vintage to your movies with the iSupr8's Tru8TM processing. Visit www.isupr8.com for more info. Download the latest version currently FREE. Important Notes: TurtleJacket may interfere with the reception cellular reception. Take off the UV filter when using the onboard flash on the iPhone 4.

Product Information

What’s cooler than an iPhone 4? Few things… except this iPhone 4 DSLR camera mount. Watch out hipsters, baller hipsters are coming to town combining their awesome photog skills with their even more awesome iPhone hipsterness.

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