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Kitticraft Calabash Cat Bed

$152.44 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

Inspired by the dried, hollowed out fruit of the Calabash vine; the Calabash cat bed is KittiCraft’s™ flagship product which set the standard for designer cat furniture; adored by everyone (and their cat), the Calabash with its aesthetically pleasing organic styling and contemporary structural design will compliment your homes décor doubling as a sculptural centrepiece.

Please be advised that the presence of a KittiCraft™ Calabash has been known to attract the attention of jealous neighbourhood cats, furthermore it may require a treat or two (not included) to tempt your cat from their luxurious sleeping sanctuary. – See more at: http://kitticraft.com/shop/cat-beds-and-swings/calabash/#product_images[grouped]/3/

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