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Kooler Klub Drink Dispenser

$45.35 Buy It, Yo

The easy pump dispenser located in the 'head' of the mock 3-Wood transfers your favorite beverage into a cup on the golf course. Holds enough for yourself or your foursome and hides conveniently away in your golf bag.

Product Information

Swing just isn’t what it used to be? Well, after a few shots of vodka, who will really care?! We bet, no one… that’s who. Grab your Kooler Klub to be everyone’s favorite golf partner, handicap or not. Tiger Woods may have had an impeccable golf swing, tons of money, and more women than he knew what to do with, but we guarantee he never had a club like this!

I received this club for a Christmas gift. Yes! I like to partake in a little drinking while on the course. And after the first few shots, boy do I need it. This this is great and gets great atention of the people that I am playing with, but After only using it about thre or four times it broke. The stem, whick looks metal and unbreakable in the picture is actually some type of PVC plastic material. I don’t know if I somehow mishandled it, but I was disappointed when it broke. The only mishandleing that I can think of is putting it in my golf bag and driving over to the course. It broke as I was pulling down the little spiget. Be sure to be very careful with this thing.
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