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L O V E Toast Stamp

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Product Information

If toast be the food of love then burn baby burn! Liven up breakfast in bed with our LOVE Toast Stamp! Great gifts for Valentine’s Day, Birthdays or when you just want to treat your loved one to a special breakfast, this Toast Stamp will imprint the word ‘LOVE’ in your bread before toasting. Why not create a romantic breakfast with our LOVE Toast Stamp, a heart shaped egg and a cup of tea served in our DIY Heart Mug! Dare you cover your wonderful tiger loaf toast with marmite? Dare they kiss you afterwards? Use your Toast Stamps to create unique edible greetings cards by toasting the bread, piping round the message in icing and using a hole punch and string to bind the edges together. Alternatively delicately spread some strawberry jam in the heart shaped ‘O’ for a wonderfully creative gift that is good enough to eat.

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