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Last Minute Halloween Party Ideas

Product Information

Are you on the hook to host a Halloween party this year?  Got the drinks…got the food…got the movie…  But are you looking for a few last minute ideas to complete your shopping?  With two weeks to go before the damned rise from the dead to roam the streets, we here at Neat Shtuff have a couple ideas to make your Halloween party just a bit more unique.

The I’m Fine / I’m Okay series of t-shirts are some of the most popular products at Neat Shtuff.  Attacked by a zombie and suffering organ failure?  Think you can just “walk it off”?  No problem!!  The I’m Fine Wounded T-Shirt is what you’re looking for.  Just took four stabs to the chest and looking to party?  The I’m Okay Knife Cuts T-Shirt should meet your needs.  How about taking a shot gun blast at point blank range and only thinking about calling in sick to work?  The I’m Fine Gun Shot Blood Stained T-Shirt is the perfect look.  Or buy all three and be the most dysfunctional family in the neighborhood.

This one’s for the little blood suckers.  No not vampires…we’re talking about the kids.  With the Eat Your Heart Out Jello Mold, you’ll be able to make serve up pulsating quivering hearts to the whole gang.  Although probably not the best candy/food to give away at the front door, your own kids are sure to love it.  Eat your heart out!!  Really…we mean it…

Another shirt?  Really?  This one’s more along the lines of “I’m too cool to wear a costume” or “I’m too lazy to find a costume” or “You mean it’s Halloween?”  The Ask Me About My Zombie T-Shirt makes for a quick zombie transformation.  And when you’re done, you just flip the shirt back down.  If only being a zombie were so simple, right?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween?  Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper, right?  We thought so.  No toilet taboo here!  Although, what are you doing in the bathroom with the lights off anyway?

And last but not least, the Blood Bath Butcher’s Apron.  Where have you been?  Just taking care of a little business down in the basement, right?  Couple this with a big knife, a chainsaw, or just a bad hair day, and you’ve got a pretty good Halloween look.

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