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Leef Bridge Dual USB Flash Drive

$29.99 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

The first of its kind, the Leef Bridge dual USB flash drive was designed to span the gap between people and devices like no other USB. It has both a micro USB and full-size USB that share the same memory and allow you to copy, move, and share files between mobile devices, tablets, and PC/MAC. There’s no network, wi-fi, or batteries required for Leef Bridge, which means you can enjoy direct playback of movies and music no matter where you find yourself. For optimal use with Android devices, Leef has teamed up with Astro File Manager, one of the top file management apps on Google Play.

  • Micro USB and full-size USB connectors share the same memory
  • Rapid read/write speeds allow playback of videos and music directly from Leef Bridge
  • No network, Wi-Fi, cables, or battery required
  • Requires Jelly Bean OS 4.1 or higher and an enabled micro USB OTG (On-The-Go) connector. May work with other phones.
  • LED indicator and key chain lanyard
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