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Lytro Light Field Camera

$399.99 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

The Lytro Light Field Camera is the world’s first light field camera and lets you shoot first and focus later.  This amazing camera lets you focus and refocus those pictures to different fields long after they’ve been shot.  Plus, you can create interactive, living pictures to share with friends and family online.

  • 8GB storage captures 350 living pictures
  • 8x optical zoom lens with constant f/2 aperture offers a wide range of creative shots
  • Unique micro-lens array with digital image sensor captures the color, intensity, and direction of light entering the camera
  • Light field engine processes the four-dimensional data captured by the sensor, so you can view it on the screen and refocus with a tap
  • 1.52″ back-lit LCD glass touchscreen display allows you to control most of the camera functions with a tap or a swipe

Check out an example Lytro image below by clicking different areas of the image:


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