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Metal Detecting Sandals

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Product Information

Find hidden buried treasure without looking out of place with these Army Treasure Seekers Metal Detector Sandals. With 3 stylish designs to choose from, not only will you look cool and trendy whilst walking on the beach but you may even have the chance of finding something buried underneath the sand with the help of the subtle inbuilt metal detector on these sandals.

Simply plug the battery box into the sandals, strap the box into your calf then go on your usual stroll. The Treasure Seekers Sandals create a magnetic field that when distorted by a metal object underneath alerts you with a flashing red light, subtle vibration or clear audible buzz from the battery box. The metal detector has a range of 2 foot or 60cm deep, depending on the material the metal is buried under.

Once finished unplug the battery box and you are left with a trendy, comfortable pair of beach sandals to wear with you wherever you go. Made with polyurethane foam footbeds and non skid soles for maximum comfort and grip.


Small – Mens size 7, Womens size 8

Medium – Mens size 7.5 to 9, Womens size 8.5 to 10

Large – Mens size 9.5 to 12, Womens size 10.5 to 13

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