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Moma Timesphere Clock

$67.00 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

For a clock to get our attention, it has to have more than just a pretty face and a couple of hands. Like, how about a pretty face and no hands? Industrial designer Gideon Dagan had just such a minimalist metaphor in mind when he dreamed up the Timeshpere Clock. Rather than hands, a single, seemingly gravity-defying red ball travels around the dial to mark the time, creating an eye-catching illusion. Really, why did clocks ever need two hands anyway? In this simple design, when the red ball rolls up next to the 3, it’s three o’clock. When it moves to the hatch mark just beyond the 3, it’s three fifteen. Where ever the ball is on the dial, you’ll know the time. This clock will appeal equally to gadget lovers and fans of modern art and decor. Made in the USA of ABS polymer, the clock features a high-torque, precision quartz mechanism. Size: 9.5″ W x 1.25″ D. Requires one AA battery, not included. It’s the coolest clock we’ve seen, hands down!

  • Gravity-defying red ball travels around the dial to mark the time
  • A perfect meshing of minimalist art and eye-catching functionality
  • Clock features a high-torque, precision quartz mechanism
  • Hands down the coolest clock youâ?TMll find
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