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More Crap Storage Boxes

$10.00 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

With storage boxes as sturdy and attractive as these, there’s no need to actually BE organized. Just gather up those doodads, documents, and what nots, then let the miracle of four sides and a lid do the rest. You’ll be sane and your stuff will be safe from prying eyes. After all, even your crappiest crap deserves a tidy home in these More Crap Storage Boxes.

  • Sturdy corrugate storage box attractively adorned with the words More Crap
  • Also look for Knock Knock’s Crap Storage Box
  • Measures 9.25 x 4.75 x 11.75 inches – easier to assemble than a BLT
  • Yellow highlighted color on exterior blank interior
  • Knock Knock’s it’s a Box is square footage for your stuff
  • Yellow highlighted color on exterior, blank interior

Knock Knock was founded in 2002 by Jen Bilik with the mission of creating witty, design-driven gift products and books, along with anything else that might strike the Knock Knock fancy. Their products aspire to bring humor, function, organization, and aesthetics to everyday life.

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