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Mug Drink Selector Cup

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Product Information

No longer does there have to be that awkward polite complaint when someone offers to make a cup of tea and you sublty say ‘just a bit less sugar than last time’. You can now give them a second chance. Simply select the drink required, whether you want milk and how many sugars are required. If the teaboy still gets it wrong they no longer have an excuse and you have good reason to complain, so feel free to torment them or send the unsuitable beverage back. The Selector mug is a simple solution to the now old age problem of always forgetting what your colleague that you’ve sat next to for the past 4 years drinks. So for those who dread getting it wrong or those that like it just right every time the Selector mug is just the ticket.Select between tea, coffee, hot chocolate or herb tea by simply sliding the stainless steel ‘slidey’ thing around the mug to the desired position and voila. On the second ring or slidey thing you have can select to have milk, no milk, lemon or cream. The third ring lets you select between 0 and 3 sugars.

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