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Our Favorite Gift for Dad

Who doesn't love good ol' dad? We do, that's for sure... and that's why we want to bring you our two fav dad-gifts to date. Hey, he might be an old fart sometimes, but don't you just love to see his face when he unwraps the carbon fiber toilet seat?!

Product Information

Our favorite gift for date to-date was a toss up. On one hand we’ve got that thing that every man uses… his royal thrown, the porcelain express, the crapper… it’s the toilet. And why not give him a gift he’ll appreciate every day?! Yes, we’re talking about the carbon fiber toilet seat – a favorite among the car fanatics. This bad boy makes “going” fast, and might even tempt him to put the toilet seat down afterwords (but we’re not promising miracles here). You can find this sleek gift on our site, right here.

Looking for something a little less practical but still just as awesome (and may save you a few bucks)? Our toss up against the toilet seat de’ speed is this remote controlled fridge. Yep, the days of drawing the short straw to get everyone’s drinks are over. This little monster powered by remote control floats effortlessly to the man in need of thirst quenching refreshments. Don’t think this will make your man the most popular guy during football season? Think again. At a price tag of $64, this money-saving gift makes up anything wrong you’ve done in the past year. Find it here.

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