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Pepper Spray Phone Case

$39.95 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

With a 3-step firing process, Spraytect is simple to use even in the most stressful situations. The pepper spray cartridge slides horizontally across the back of the case, so the spray button is right where your fingers naturally land on your phone. No searching, fumbling or repositioning required. With the well-thought design, normal phone functions like talking, texting, surfing and picture taking are uninterrupted. Spraytect’s pepper spray is a proprietary blend that uses habanero pepper, one of the hottest peppers available, as the main ingredient. This blend is the same formulation used by organizations like Homeland Security, US Military, FBI offices, Police Departments across the country as well as Corrections Officers. The high quality ingredients and aerosol propellant are: *Isopropyl alcohol free *Non-carcinogenic *Non flammable *Ozone safe Maintains a consistent performance under temperature variations and at varying quantities. The small pepper spray cartridge is inconspicuously attached to your smartphone case making it effortless to carry anytime. Its small size means it conveniently fits inside a handbag, briefcase or backpack. Since the pepper spray cartridge is removable, you have the freedom to choose when to attach or remove the pepper spray device leaving lots of flexibility for travel, classrooms and other environments. With a patent pending design, the Spraytect smartphone case has another extremely useful feature – a “kick stand” for your phone. This handy feature allows you to watch movies and videos keeping your phone upright without propping or holding it. With safety mechanisms in place, Spraytect only fires when you are ready. Note:  You have to meet the legal purchasing requirements for pepper spray.  You have to be at least 18 years old.  You cannot be a felon.  And you cannot be addicted to narcotics. Due to state laws or shipping restrictions, Spraytect cannot be shipped to AK, HI, Washington DC, MA, NY, or WI.

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