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Aquarium Coffee Table

Yeah, baby! Until now, only Austin Powers had furniture this cool. The Aquarium Coffee Table is dazzling from top...

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Wiener Dog Oil & Vinegar Set

You’ve got to be kidding me…oh well…read on… Why dress your salad with a humdrum cruet...

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Kitticraft Calabash Cat Bed

Inspired by the dried, hollowed out fruit of the Calabash vine; the Calabash cat bed is KittiCraft’s™ flagship...

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Dog Quack Muzzle

Duck, Duck…Dog? Material: 100% environmentally friendly silica gel. Suitable dogs: Poodle, Dachshunds etc....

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Floating Cork Knife

From the Manufacturer “It Floats” says it all. A great balance between function and utility, this...

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K9 Kannon Ball Launcher

K9 KannonTM – it’s a truly innovative tennis ball launcher for dogs. It is designed to be a blast of...

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Wine Barrel Pet Bed

This custom made wine barrel pet bed is where your pet can snuggle up and nap. The pet bed is made out of approx....

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Meow For Measuring Cups

Love cats? Love cooking? Meow for Measuring Cups then!  These cat themed measuring cups will complement all the...

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Underwater Dogs Book

The exuberant, exhilarating photographs of dogs underwater that have become a sensation.  From the water’s...

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Eva Solo Bird Feeder

Stylish freestanding bird feeder from Eva Solo. The birdseed is dispensed automatically from the hand-blown glass...

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Hyper Dog Ball Launcher

HyperDog ball launchers are patented, high-performance retrieving toys for training and exercising your dog.  As...

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Shark Nano Pet Bed

My pet bed brings all the dogs to the yard and they be like…. anyways. Want to make all the pet owners...

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The Better Tether for Dogs

Below ground pet stake with food and water bowls. Includes heavy duty stainless steel stake and subterranean mount...

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The Kitty Cradle Cat Bed

You treasure your kitty, but the pet furniture you buy makes your living room unsightly and disorderly. Your...

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Tagg Pet Tracker Master Kit

Product Description The Tagg pet tracking system uses advanced GPS tracking technology to allow you to see where...

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Modern Bird Cafe Feeder

Invite wild birds to dine in style-and satisfy your taste for modern design-with this hip new spin on the...

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Portable PET PortaBottle

Heininger Automotive PortablePET PortaBottle holds up to 20oz of water and has a flip down bowl for drinking. This...

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Fish Bowl Half Bookends

Create your own look with these clear glass halve jar bookends. Fill with seashells, marbles or use them as...

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Bungee Bird Seed Feeder

Bungee Bird Seed Feeder This hilarious Bungee Bird feeder will swing and bounce as the birds peck off their tasty...

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Lips Rubber Dog Toy

Humunga Lips are made of durable, nontoxic rubber. It’s a ball on end with irresistibly cherry-scented lips...

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Stache Ball Dog Toy

Moody Pet Humunga Stache Ball Dog ToyHumunga Stache is made of extremely durable, natural rubber. The shiny black...

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Dog Peek Fence Peep Hole

The Dog Peek is an acrylic dome that lets your pet see what is happening outside. Dogs are very curious and...

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Wall Mount Fish Bowl

Wonderful Wall Mount Fish Bowl! Measures 10″ in Diameter. Made from Acrylic. Easily Mounts to the Wall. Open...

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Big Brother Bird House

Give your garden that fly-on-the-wall feel – and maybe even attract some new housemates – with the Big...

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Unusual Labyrinth Aquarium

This very innovative and unusual aquarium is offered in three colors. The tables are produced in cherry, black or...

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Pretty Fishscape Fishbowl

Designed by Aruliden for Gaia and Gino, the Fishscape is a 2.5 gallon handmade glass fishbowl with a super cool...

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Gold Fish Trash Bags

No one likes taking out the rubbish. Probably not even the men that get paid to take out the rubbish. So why not...

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Pet’s Eye View Camera

What HAVE Fluffy and Spot been up to all day, anyways? Find out with this amazing digital camera that clips onto...

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Cats Bum Towel Holder

Have someone on your gift list who loves cats and hanging towels? Well, that hard-to-buy-for-person is no longer...

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API Doggie Water Fountain

There are plenty of fountains out there to make sure that your pet gets fresh water when the need it.  However,...

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Puppy Tweets for your Pooch

Amazon.com Hands-On Review Find out what your dog is really up to with Mattel’s Puppy Tweets. This fun...

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FroliCat BOLT Laser

Amazon.com Product Description A finalist in the 2009 Chicago Innovation Awards, the FroliCat BOLT Interactive...

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Break It Down DJ Cat Scratch

It’s time to get educated son, so gather the kitties on your turf and drop some beats!  Bust a move and get our...

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Wall-Mounted Pet Bed

CURVE Wall-Mounted Pet Bed. The slim profile and choice of wood and fabric options allows Curve to seamlessly...

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Fuzzy Wuzzy Kitty Bank

“‘Feline’ like you need a change of scenery? Spend a little time with this cute cat bank! Place a coin...

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Dog Umbrella aka Dogbrella

Pooch got the blues from getting his hair wet? With the Dogbrella, bow-wow will be bone dry from here on out. Grab...

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Aqua Coffee Table Aquarium

Looking for that last piece of furniture to really set off your room? We’d bet a fish tank coffee table...

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