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Q Knot Reusable Cable Tie

$8.97 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

Just think of it like a new and improved version of your old rubber bands.  Q Knot is a reusable multipurpose tie for just about anything: bundling multiple objects, organizing various cords (i.e. your computer, portable electronics, hair dryers, Christmas lights, small appliances), and much more. Just strap and done. The smart self-locking design makes bundling small objects a piece of cake. Q Knot is made of a stretchable and flexible rubber that will seal plastic bags and breads for freshness better than a bag clip. The non-slip gripping “teeth” design of Q Knot will reinforce the tightness around the bag. Q Knot is also reusable: easy release and retie. Say good bye to the plastic cable ties which is only one time use and create more waste, which is environmental unfriendly and against the “go green” campaign around the world.

Each re-sealable bag of 25-ct Q Knots comes in 3 different colors (yellow, green, and red) and 3 sizes (4-1/2-inch, 6-inch, and 7-1/4-inch long) in each bag for your different needs.

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