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$925.00 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

$925 for a limited time only!* QLOCKTWO makes you pause, allowing a new view of time. The award-winning typographic front combines time and written words and makes a stylish design statement -literally: “It is half past eight”. Frontplate made of polished acrylic glass in five ultra-cool colors or in stainless steel. Choose from various colors: Black Ice Tea, Frozen Blackberry, Vanilla Sugar, Cherry Cake, Lime Juice and, super hi-end Stainless Steel. QLOCKTWO is available in several languages: Choose from English, Spanish, French, Italian. Each clock comes with solid acrylic stands, wall mount, 8ft power cord, and instructions. *Starting Dec 2 until Dec 21 only! Order yours today to receive your free premium-quality fabric extension cord with your QLOCKTWO -a $38 value! Qlocktwo in Stainless Steel available in very limited quantities for $1,125 -lowest retail price in the entire US! ©2011 Hudson Vandam LLC

  • Wall Clock -Complete with wall mount AND solid acrylic stands!
  • Timeless Design -Pure, simple, award-winning, unique!
  • Available in five colors -and ultra-cool Stainless Steel!
  • Available in several different languages -Incl. English, Spanish, French!
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