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Robotic Chess Companion

$249.95 Buy It, Yo

This is the electronic chess game with a computer opponent that moves its own pieces with a robotic arm. Programmed with a U.S. Chess Federation Class A rating of 1800, its 128 levels of play include training levels appropriate for novices for teaching basic opening moves as well as "mate in six moves" tactics. The robotic opponent recognizes en-passant opportunities as well as when to castle for defense or promote a pawn. It detects illegal or impossible moves by a human opponent yet is sophisticated enough to allow you to correct weak or wrong moves (up to 25 half-moves). It announces "Check", "Stalemate", or "Mate" when conditions warrant and provides your skill level after every match, including hints for better play in the future. You can play against the computer or it can play against itself. Powered by included AC adapter. Ages 8 and up. 15" L x 15" W x 7 1/2" H. (4 1/2 lbs.)

Product Information

We’ve heard rumors that playing chess by ones self is not much fun. Well, that’s no long an issue with the robotic chess companion capable of beating you one bit at a time.

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