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S-XL Sized Cake Mold

$34.40 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

You know the scene inside and out: You spend hours baking a fabulous and amazing cake, your friends are seated and then it starts: ‘Oh, I’ll have a small piece please’, says Chloe next to you. ‘Could I get an extra large one?’, says Mildred who really shouldn’t. ‘Could I get that medium sized piece please?’, asks Pete who is always so balanced. In any case, you know what we are talking about…

Put an end to it all! Our dear friends over at Konstantin Slawinski have just released their newest product: A silicone Cake Mold (11.8″ or 30 cm diameter) that ‘pre-shapes’ any cake into 15 separate pieces, in a variation of ‘sizes’. From Small, to Extra Large. Now how much easier could life be?

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