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Solar Powered Gadgetbag

$119.99 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

Our power-hungry gadgets are screaming to get plugged in, and we dutifully oblige. What kind of power do these devices have over us that they demand our fealty? Are we to become slaves to the devices that connect us to the outside world? The answer is, obviously, yes. What’s more, we are only happy to sell our lives to these gadgets of ours.

That said, there’s nothing that says we have to be literally chained to a wall. Yes, our gadgets need power to make it through the day, but there’s free power to be had just standing out in the middle of the field. It’s solar, man. Get with it!

This gadget bag, for example, has a huge 8 by 12 inch super-efficient flexible panel built right in, capable of pushing up to 1000mA at 5.6v via a USB cable that snakes into the main compartment in full sun. If you’re not charging your gadgets directly, a 800mAh Li Ion battery acts as a buffer, soaking up the rays for later use.

It’s designed to not just be another bag in your collection. This one “piggybacks” onto your existing bag. Straps and buckles keep the solar panel in place so you don’t have to give up your favorite carry-all. If, for example, you’d like to upgrade your Bag of Holding into something that extracts electrons from photon collisions, strap this bad-boy onto the front flap, and you’re good to go.

Solar. It’s brilliant!

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