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Swivl Personal Cameraman

$179.00 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

Capture your passion

Swivl takes the awkwardness and complexity out of capturing video of yourself. It’s the ideal solution for sharing things you are passionate about and for improving your skills, both at work and at home. Use it for recording lectures or presentations, virtual home tours, how-to videos, and much more. Swivl is simple to set up and works with FaceTime and other streaming applications, making video chat more natural and interactive.

Automatically Pans Horizontally and Vertically

Swivl lets you keep subjects in picture effortlessly. Simply pair the wireless marker with the base, then connect your device and begin shooting. The base smoothly follows every move up to 33 feet away. It goes 360 degrees horizontally and 10 degrees down and 20 degrees up vertically.

Wireless Marker for Hands-Free Operation

You can easily record yourself and control the shot using the wireless marker. While recording, you can hold the marker, clip it to your clothes, or wear it around your neck for optimum sound quality and image capture. The marker also allows you to start or stop recording from across the room (only with iPhone and iPod).

iOS Digital Microphone for Crisp, Clear Sound

Swivl captures audio at the source through a lossless wireless connection to the marker for high-quality sound. This ensures voice is recorded clearly, even in noisy environments. (Microphone works only with iPhone and iPod.)

Easy to Set Up and Operate

Get up and running in 30 seconds or less. Simply connect the USB cable and place your device in the grip. Secure the lock bar to hold your camera in place and you’re ready to begin shooting. Thanks to Swivl’s compact size, it easily fits into a bag or pocket, so you can create video wherever you go.

Swivl iOS App for Controls

Download the Swivl app on your iPhone or iPod touch to access basic remote controls and enhanced audio through the microphone-enabled marker. It also provides settings and controls for your Swivl that allow you to customize its performance. New features are also being added regularly to expand its use for photographers, videographers, video conferencing, and more. You can also use Swivl out of the box with applications such as FaceTime and Ustream to shoot streaming video with greater flexibility.


Swivl is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPod touch (4th generation). It provides follow functionality for tripod-mountable pocket cameras under 6 ounces, Android phones under 11mm thick, and mounts to most standard tripods. Android apps not available.

Product and Warranty Information

The base requires two AA batteries (included) and provides up to 4 hours of action capture. It can also be operated using a Swivl AC adapter (sold separately). The marker requires two AAA batteries (included) and provides up to 10 hours of wireless operation.

Swivl is backed by a one-year warranty.

What’s in the Box

Swivl base, marker, tripod mount, lanyard, micro-USB cable, two AA and two AAA batteries, and user guide.

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