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A quick overview of the 3 most viewed items this week... we've got the Face Mug, the Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat, and the OCD Cutting board. Winning.

Product Information

This Week’s Three Most Popular Items:

First Place!

The Face Mug: $18.00

  • What’s better than having a mug shaped like a face? A face shaped mug that doles out chocolate chip cookies at your earliest convenience. The Face Mug aka Cookie Holder is the perfect solution for those of us who like to stay away and like to be lazy doing it. So sit back, grab yourself a face mug (and some cookies) and put your feet up. Viva la Facemug! http://neatshtuff.com/?p=132

Second Place!

The Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat: $299.95

  • “You know how fast a little fiber can make you go”.   “It makes you go faster”.  We’ve heard them all!  We’re proud to offer a genuine carbon fiber toilet seat, made with hand layered carbon fiber around a premolded foam core.  Be weary of other less expensive seats that may use a wood core…they are much heavier, which defeats the whole purpose of carbon fiber! http://neatshtuff.com/?p=790

Third Place!

The OCD Cutting Board: $24.99

  • We love OCD people… at least when they’re in the other room. Now you can send your beloved OCD friend into the kitchen to actually do something profitable with this OCD cutting board… straight lines? No prob. Diagonals any Geometry teacher would be proud of? Done son.
  • http://neatshtuff.com/?p=746
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