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The Bottle Cap Tripod

$10.00 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

You know that friend of yours (let’s call him Tucker) that’s always there for you, no matter what?

When you crashed your parents car in high school, and it totally wasn’t your fault, Tucker had your back. When it’s your birthday, Tucker’s always the first to leave you a wall post — and not just “Happy Birthday dude”, but something clever and thoughtful.

And when you and your lady friend were on that epic road trip and found yourself in front of the Grand Canyon without your tripod… Tucker to the rescue!

Well, The Bottle Cap Tripod, he’s kind of like Tucker.

He’s got a stretchy rubber socket that fits on top of pretty much any kind of bottle, and a standard-issue tripod screw on the other end that fits most any camera.

Need a tripod in a jiff? Grab the nearest soda or water bottle, stick on the Bottle Cap Tripod, and you’re set! Self-portraits, group photos on self-timer, and steady low-light shots just became a whole lot easier!

Plus he’s tiny, so unlike your ‘real’ tripod, you really can take Tucker just about anywhere!

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