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The Doorganizer – Black

$17.50 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

Put the Doorganizer on your door and your valuables in your pocket We’ve all forgotten things on our way out of the house and the consequence is either that it suddenly dawns on us when we get to work, or we remember and have to nip back, meaning that we miss the train or hit the rush-hour traffic. If only there was some way to remember these oft-forgotten items. Meet the Doorganizer! This handy gadget fits on to your door handle and enables you to store all manner of things, so you never forget them or spend precious minutes searching for them when you’re on your way out of the house. The Doorganizer stores keys, glasses, phones, iPods and much more. You can even store letters and newspapers into the strap on the reverse. Hang it where you’ll never miss it and free up a few extra minutes for yourself before you leave the house. And it’s not just in the house where the Doorganizer excels – you can hang it in the office or use it on your travels, in a hotel for example.

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