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Top Ten Gifts for Teenage Boys

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So, we’ve picked out our top ten gifts for teenage boys… you know, the ones that are super hard to buy for. Gifts ideas for boys are hard to come by, so we’ll let you add this one to your tab *winks*. Move over Justin Beiber, we found a list of gift ideas cooler than you. First up on our list of manly gift ideas… well, “teenage manly” … is…

  1. The Ask Me About My Zombie Tee  – this t-shirt changes your teenage monsters into actual monster with the flip of the fabric. Great idea right? Saves a few bucks on Halloween gift ideas to boot!
  2. This 3-1 Rotating Table Games did we find the ultimate guy gift? Maybe. This 3 in one rotating table games shoves foosball, pool, and air hockey into one rotating table not only winning you the “best gift giver” award, but also saving space.
  3. The Superman Socks – It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s only the best gift you can give your nephew. Superman socks not only encourage super human abilities, but they also encourage sock wearing… a win for not only you, but also for the universe.
  4. The Chewbacca Hoodie – Hoodies have picked up a bad wrap as of late, but this chewbacca hoodie is sure to win you some teenage brownie points (do they even exist?!). Fuzzy and awesome, need we say moooooaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrghghg?
  5. The Space Saver Air Hockey Table – you didn’t think we were done with the table games just yet, did you? This space saving air hockey table puts the arcade in your home without messing up your decor (ok, so it would probably slow it down a bit). Either way, this table is a great gift for a teenage guy.
  6. These What Happened Band Aids – every guy wants to seem awesome, even when he just tripped down the steps, so help him out with these “What Happened?” Band aids… from “dance off” to “ninja fight” you’ll have stuck the landing on awesome gift giving (yes, that was as corny as it sounded)
  7. The Jumping Shoes – yes, they’ve invented jumping shoes for the select group of guys known to not be awesome at flying high. These jumping shoes are just under $100 bucks and just over the moon in the world of awesome gifts (corny jokes for the win!)
  8. The Gigantic Human Ball – Boys will be boys, and boys will be boys in huge human balls the roll down hills at excessive speeds. If this doesn’t make you the best uncle ever, few things will.
  9. The Bottom Top Bath Towel – let’s face it, teenage kids aren’t the cleanest… we believe there’s a secret contest on which can shower the least. Buy your nephew this top / bottom towel and they’ll never forget which side cleans where again.
  10. The 100 MPH Toy RC Car – certainly not the cheapest, but definitely the most epic…ness (?), this RC car hits 100 miles per hour and is dubbed the fastest RC car on the planet. Race into the top of the gift giving contest and win over ever teenage boys heart with this race car… *toy race car.
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