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Tramp-It Jumping Shoes

$99.99 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

There is something about the ability to jump which seriously impresses most of us. Who doesn’t look at hurdlers occasionally and consider how such a skill could benefit us in every day life. The time saved opening gates alone has to be worth a fortune.

The somewhat ropey-sounding Tramp-It Jumping Shoes promise to give even the most average person the ability to perform incredible leaps with minimal effort. How? The sole of each shoe has a flexible curved spring attached, which allows the wearer to take massive leaps. And the harder you jump downwards, the higher you will go.

Looking like a cross between skate shoes, ski boots and something just plain mental, the Tramp-It Jumping Shoes ooze style in a techno-futuristic style. The black, white and orange colour only serve to enhance the potential street cred one could earn wearing a pair.

The Tramp-It Jumping shoe is not just for feats of high jumping however. Because built into the base of the boot is a little switch which allows you to adjust the tension of the spring. Why would you do that you may ask? Because when the spring tension changes, so too does the spring action. Switch to “walk” mode and the level of spring is adjusted, allowing you to cover long distances in horizontal “bounds”. Switch back to “jump” mode and all your efforts are transferred into vertical motion, again without being overly strenuous.

According to Tramp-It, these boots allow you to jump 20% higher and 20% further than you would in a normal pair of trainers. And because they are so much fun, you will find yourself getting fitter and healthier as a result.

Next time you need to get something off a high shelf, you can perform an incredible superhero leap to stun and amuse those around you. And if you have ever wondered what it feels like to be a kangaroo, this is probably the closest you will ever get to finding out.

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