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Trudeau Pot Spoon Clips

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Product Information

Amazon.com Review

Trudeau’s pot clip is one of those kitchen gadgets that looks like an extra and turns out to be indispensable. Designed to attach to the side of most saucepans or stockpots, the compact clip features an arced slot to hold the handle of a spoon, turner, or ladle. Surprisingly helpful, this prevents drips on the stovetop, keeps utensils at the ready, and eliminates the need for a traditional spoon rest. Fashioned from silicone and metal, the clip is surpassingly heat-resistant–up to 600 degrees F–and clamps very securely. Little silicone bumpers guard against scratches on the pot’s surface, and the whole thing pops in the dishwasher for cleanup. Covered by a five-year warranty, the pot clip comes in several colors to complement kitchen décor. –Emily Bedard

Product Description

Trudeau’s revolutionary invention, the pot clip, is a must have for all cooks. A practical, space and sauce saving little utensil…it’ll make you wonder how you got along without it. The Utensil Pot Clip from Trudeau securely attaches to the edge of most cookware, and will hold your spoon, spatula, fork or most utensils. Any drips will just fall right back into the pan…where they should be in the first place. Great way to save space, waste less and make clean up a snap!
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