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Undercover Tablet Sleeve

$15.65 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

Undercover Tablet Sleeve for iPad, Xoom, Sony S1, and the Galaxy Tab is a great shabby chic item for your tablet. Protect your tablet from scratches and deter would be thieves as the simpletons will believe that you are carrying a tatty old envelope.  Is that a tatty old envelope I see poking out from under your arm? It may look like it but actually it’s a tablet case designed to deter even the best of thieves. Now your tablet can travel incognito, cosseted by the deluxe red silk lining of the Undercover Tablet Sleeve, while the world goes about it’s business assuming you’re just carrying round an old padded envelope. Ha – silly them – your pride and joy, not to mention livelihood, is under your arm, held tightly by the strong velcro straps.

Before adjustment, the Undercover Tablet Sleeve measures in at 11″ x 9.5″x 1.5″. Thanks to it’s strong PE foam construction and tough outer layer made of Tyvek it is shock protected, splash proof, writable and tearproof. Phew. No sucker is getting their mitts on it. Every tablet needs one. Compatible with Apple iPad, Motorola Xoom, Sony S1, and Samsung Galaxy Tab.


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