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Warmthru Heated Gloveliners

$140.55 Buy It, Yo

Product Information

The Warmthru WT2 Gloveliners are a great, one-size-fits-all solution to the challenge of cold hands.  Powered by 3.7V Lithium Ion rechargeable slim line batteries, these will keep your hands warm in the most extreme conditions.  This product comes with everything you will need including a charger; you’ll never have to buy batteries for this product again. Expect 500 charges from each set of batteries. Charge times are around 5 hours- it does no harm to charge overnight if preferred. In continuous use, expect about 4+ hours of heat from each battery. You can buy an optional Car Charger which allows you to charge two batteries while driving. These WT2 Glove Liners are made with stretchy polyester fabric.  They grip the hand neatly and press the heat element, situated above the fingers, tightly on to the fingers, thus maximizing the heat. The heat element is embedded in durable plastic which is stitched above the fingers.  **The thumb is not heated and so receives no direct heat; however the overglove soon warms up enough for all fingers and the thumb to benefit from generous indirect heat**  (FYI, the more powerful G3 Gloveliners do heat the thumb and all fingers.) Warmthru Gloveliners are designed to create but not retain heat so it is important to wear suitable overgloves.  You can use your own gloves or they also sell overgloves which are ideal and available as an option. The elastic fabric stretches onto most all lengths of finger.  Each battery sits either in a pocket on top of the hand or on an armband with separate battery pocket which is available as an option.  Use this option if you want to keep the top of your hand clear for use with tight overgloves.

Warmthru products are road tested in some of the most extreme conditions on earth to make sure they’ll keep you warm. For example, the Hotmitts kept the hands of one of the world’s greatest explorers, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, warm on his ascent of Mount Everest. That’s what Warmthru calls field testing! WarmToTheBone the US Distributor has had an eight year association with Warmthru.

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